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UX Engineer

Hello and welcome to my workshop. Here I build websites and everything that goes with it. I specialize in providing an on-going website support and maintenance for nonprofit organizations. I work with my clients as their primary UX/UI designer and front-end developer, as well as a supplement consultant to internal teams for projects in brand development, print and digital design, video and audio production.


I have very particular multidisciplinary set of skills. In my work I integrate creative approach with technical expertise and business knowledge. I am critical thinker, passionate about design and coding.

User research, user survey, competitive analyses, storyboards, personas, user journeys, scenarios, task flows, navigation models, sketches, wireframes, information architecture, site maps, high- and low- fidelity prototypes, usability testing.
LAMP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SEO.
Brand development and support, infographics, illustrations, photography, typography, color correction.
Video and audio production, print and digital production, offset prepress.
Interviews, competitive analysis, content audit and inventory, functional specifications, keyword analysis, reports.
Project plan and implementation, Design Thinking, Agile, Scrum, Lean Six Sigma.


Professional website for actor and producer Michael Bonini.

UX/UI design, front-end development, maintenance, administration, content strategy and CEO for Meridian International Center's organizational website.


I am very pleased to recommend Aleksandr Misunin as a terrific asset to any organization. As CEO of Meridian International Center, I had the opportunity to observe Aleks for over a decade. During that time Aleks was able to significantly overhaul our technology and communications infrastructure and provide innovative solutions in overcoming challenges. Aleks is extremely dedicated and brings a strong work ethic and focus to his assignments. Additionally, he is a self-starter who does not wait for direction before coming up with an idea or approach. During his tenure, among other things Aleks turned our website from a standard portal to a rich and multidimensional platform with multimedia and social media interface. Aleks is also very talented at design and thinking through functionality and how the end-result of a project will look to best advance objectives in branding and marketing. Finally, I would like to speak to Aleks’ character which is more frequently more critical to an organization than hard skills alone. He can be trusted to do the right thing and values actions over words. He would be a terrific addition to any organization or an outstanding resource as a consultant. Ambassodor Stuart Holliday
President and CEO at Meridian International Center
May, 2019

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